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Connectmatic can assist your business with difficult upgrades, complex software installation, or challenging server configurations. We specialize in Microsoft and Linux workstations as well as multiple server operating systems in real or virtualized environments. Connectmatic also offers a wide range of knowlege in back office and enterprise applications, including databases, email servers, data backup, and security software. As well, we specialize in the integration of smart phones and tablets within an IT environment.

Connectmatic offers multi-level support and maintenance agreements at competitive rates for business IT environments. We can maintain and manage a single component in your business technology infrastructure, such as a router or computer, or we can manage your entire IT environment, including all wired and wireless networking equipment, telecommunications equipment, servers, workstations, laptops, tablets, networked appliances, printers, data storage, and other equipment. We also have extensive experience dealing with carriers providing telecommunications and data access services to your site. We can make sure you are well represented in your negotiations with carriers. We will provide remote access equipment at your site so that we can provide the bulk of our services remotely. We also can provide various levels of remote monitoring that can help us to determine problems in the IT areas you deem are most critical to your business.

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