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Connectmatic has the tools and experienced staff to build a network from scratch, re-architect, augment your networking capabilities, or solve a difficult long-term networking problem. Some of our specialties include design and implementation of interconnection WAN links for services, integration between main and branch offices, point-to point wireless links offering WAN-like or better connectivity up to 10 miles, VoIP, and other real-time services integration within your business wired or wireless network.

VoIP, video, and other real-time applications that operate over IP network infrastructure are state of the art in today's business technology world. Connectmatic has extensive experience with the QoS (quality of service) and architectural implementations required in converged services IP networks. This includes both wired and wireless network infrastructures. We specialize in converged services delivery across WAN technologies that are used to interconnect main and branch offices. We have solved numerous problematic converged services WAN issues for our customers.

One of the most neglected areas in business today is IT and network security. Businesses that neglect to allocate at least some minimal amount of resources to this area open themselves to data loss and theft of intellectual and business critical information. Malicious software intrusion (viruses, malware, spyware, trojans) and unauthorized access to files, user accounts, or networked resources are typical of the bulk of security compromises that occur on a daily basis in unprotected business IT and network environments. Connectmatic specializes in network firewall design and implementation, network IPS (intrusion prevention system) monitoring technology, access control architectures, and antivirus software application configuration to protect your business from malicious external network borne intrusion. Solutions include Cisco ASA, ACS, IPS appliances and Trend Micro and Symantec centralized antivirus software. We will diagnose your business IT and network security requirements and offer a solution that fits your budget and requirements. We can also test the strength of your current security practice and propose recommendations that will increase its effectiveness.

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