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"The Idea" is now reality...

VoIP is now a mature technology that delivers voice communications and complementary functionality over IP networks like the Internet, carrier WAN (a private inter-office IP network), corporate LAN (a private intra-office IP network), or even mobility networks (3G/4G). VoIP business telephone systems provide customers with lower operational costs through a unified data and communications infrastructure, and expand a customer's business communications coverage through advanced functionality that unifies communications using fully integrated technologies such as presence, chat, email, conferencing, collaboration, and mobility.

...It all adds up to enhanced business communications productivity!

Our Practice

Connectmatic has spent considerable effort in assembling effective and economical VoIP solutions for our SMB customers, incorporating innovative and reliable products and the necessary support services to successfully implement and maintain each solution. We diligently follow the VoIP market to understand how it applies to our SMB customers so that we can offer "State of the Art" in addition to reliability and value in our solutions.

Our VoIP Platform

Connectmatic is a certified Zultys IP-PBX communications platform dealer - one of the premier VoIP business telephone systems in the industry. We have selected Zultys as our flagship VoIP solution over others because of the system scalability, robust and simple design, expansive and timely feature set, and competitive pricing. Zultys has a VoIP telephone solution for a wide range of SMB and enterprise entities, ranging from a small 2 person office to multiple branches encompassing 1000's of employees (Need more information?).

Zultys VoIP Systems

Our VoIP Services

Connectmatic offers a full range of VoIP related services for our customers in addition to the sale, installation, and configuration of full-up Zultys VoIP systems.

PBX/IP-PBX Maintenance and Configuration

In addition to Zultys IP-PBX systems, Connectmatic also offers maintenance and configuration support on select popular VoIP and hybrid business telephone systems for small to medium sized businesses:

  • Cisco - uc300, uc500, and BE3000
  • NEC   - Elite 48/IPK/IPK2, sv8100/8300, and ips2000
Connectmatic can also provide assistance with Auto-Attendant (AA) and Interactive-Voice-Response (IVR) prompt recording and menu logic configuration, Music-On-Hold (MOH) solutions, paging solutions, cabling solutions, Move-Add-Change (MAC) extension orders, and special application integration (call recording, call records, Automatic-Call-Distribution (ACD), call center, etc.) for any of these systems.

Public Data and Telephone Network Connectivity

Connectmatic partners with leading data providers offering cost effective options for connectivity to public and private data networks. Our partnerships with select SIP and digital trunk providers offers our SMB customers additional cost effective options to access PSTN services - We help our customers get their VoIP "fully" integrated!

...Typically, customers save over 50% in their ongoing communications costs
when moving to a VoIP system that uses SIP trunks!

VoIP Network Infrastructure Support

Connectmatic has certified networking technicians and engineers that have configured and supported some of the largest advanced services IP networks in the world. See our Network Infrastructure practice for more details on our network related products and services. We understand the remote device power, network bandwidth and resiliency, and the QoS requirements necessary to make an advanced services IP network function correctly and reliably for applications like VoIP - We help our customers get their VoIP "correctly" integrated!

...We have the people, know-how, and resources to successfully bring VoIP to your business!
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