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Zultys has been building telecommunications systems for over 10 years that have leveraged the most significant breakthroughs in modern VoIP and communication technologies. Zultys MX-250 and MX-30 IP-PBX communications platforms represent the "State-of-the-Art" in business VoIP communications technologies, and support the most "in demand" features sought after in today’s SMB and enterprise business communications systems:

Unified Communications

Zultys IP-PBX platforms leverage the hottest features in Unified Communications (UC). Voice calling, presence, chat, collaboration, FAX, video calling, audio/video conferencing, email-send, or voicemail are all accessible through a single PC resident UC client application that may be bound to other devices, such as a Zultys SIP office phone, an arbitrary phone, or even a mobile device. Some of these devices may also be UC enabled. For instance the Zultys mobility client (a free app for iPhone/Android devices) provides a subset of the PC UC client functionality, allowing presence, chat, and email-send in addition to voice calling with advanced call handling capabilities (including hold, transfer, and park), all from an iPhone or Android based smartphone. Now that's productivity!

Multi-terminal Remote Voice Continuity

Whether you are away from your office at a remote branch location, in another country, at your summer residence, or on your mobile phone, a Zultys IP-PBX allows you to receive any call to your office phone on either a remote SIP phone terminal (like your office phone), a computer, or a smartphone, and have similar control of that call, as if you were answering it on your office phone. In fact, in addition to any inter-user transfer you might want to perform on a call using the office phone system, you may transfer a call "seamlessly" between any of your user assigned devices at the touch of a button (an intra-user transfer). Consider these scenarios:

"...Yeah, I just arrived at the office. Let me transfer you to my desk phone.", you then touch a control on your iphone or android mobile device, and pick up the call on your desk phone.

"...Listen, I have a 20 minute drive to my next meeting, let me transfer you to my mobile phone and I can give you the details.", you then press a button on your desk phone and pick up the call on your mobile phone as you leave the office.

You can also originate calls through your office phone system using any one of the remote device options mentioned above. Now that's connectivity!

Advanced Call Handling and Notification

Have you ever needed an inbound call to be routed to a number of different telephone numbers and then routed to voicemail if it remains unanswered? Maybe you need email notification about the voicemail? Maybe this processing only occurs for certain calls at a certain time of the day, week, or month? Maybe the call handling and notification processing must change depending on when and who calls?

Zultys has you covered with it's built in "per user" call handling and notification features. Now that's flexibility!

Native SIP Trunks

One of the most significant cost saving advances in VoIP has been SIP trunks. Cost savings of as much as 90% have been realized where low price broadband ISP connectivity is available in markets traditionally served by PSTN connection services. While legacy PBX systems using analog or digital PSTN interfaces are not capable of using this technology without additional, often expensive, and complex 3rd party hardware, Zultys reliably builds native SIP trunk interfaces into its IP-PBX systems as a standard feature (no license needed). In fact, Zultys goes beyond considering just its own local system operation by certifying a large number of SIP trunk providers (spread over all Zultys market regions) for interoperability and performance reliability with its IP-PBX SIP trunk interface. Now that's added value!


Zultys VoIP systems take advantage of carrier private networks or public network VPN WAN connectivity between branches to connect multiple geographically distributed Zultys IP-PBX systems. This allows a multi-branch company with a Zultys IP-PBX system at each branch to function as if the systems were a single large IP-PBX system. In fact, up to 128 branches, some with a maximum of 1000 extensions, can be supported up to an aggregate total extension limit of 10,000 extensions. Additionally, voice traffic between branches can be routed within the larger Zultys IP-PBX WAN infrastructure, avoiding PSTN access and the associated costs. Now that's incredible scalability with savings!


Zultys IP-PBX systems have built-in enterprise quality resiliency capabilities. Once only a mainstay of large enterprise, resilient systems are now a highly in-demand and realistic option for SMB. These resiliency capabilities come in the form of local N+1 "Clustering" and "Multi-Site" redundancy. Local clustering allows 1, 2, or 4 Zultys MX-250 IP-PBX systems on a single LAN segment to be failed over to an additional standby Zultys MX-250 IP-PBX on that same segment. Multi-Site capabilities allow for failover of a local Zultys MX-30 or MX-250 IP-PBX system to a designated remotely networked MX-250 IP-PBX system. Applying these Zultys IP-PBX specific resiliency capabilities with the use of best practice resiliency principles in the underlying power, data-backup, and networking infrastructure for these systems, provides the necessary building-blocks for creating enterprise level resiliency in a Zultys IP-PBX based business communications system at any scale. Now that's peace of mind!

Advanced Applications

Businesses do grow and inevitably need advanced application capabilities in their business communications systems. Zultys delivers, taking advantage of tightly-coupled system interfaces within their IP-PBX architecture to efficiently integrate many advanced applications that maintain a high level of performance with a minimal use of external systems. Large scale use of advanced business communications applications is a "given" at most enterprises. Zultys simplified system design of "all in a box and license what you need", provides a practical and cost-effective path to this area for SMB. Now that's functionality!

  • Conferencing and Collaboration - Zultys IP-PBX systems offer the basic built-in capability (in the SIP phone terminal) to hold an ad-hoc 3 party voice conference where there may be up to 2 external parties. With additional licensing, voice conference "bridge" capability can be added to the IP-PBX itself, with the capacity increased to 3 (MX-30) or 10 (MX-250) separate voice conferences, where there can be up to 10 (MX-30) or 30 (MX-250) parties (all may be external if necessary) spread across all conferences. With the use of a special collaboration appliance, the conference capability of the IP-PBX becomes full collaboration with the addition of user PCs. Audio can be provided using either the IP-PBX voice conference bridge (uses any IP-PBX voice terminal) or the speaker and microphone of the participant's PC. In addition to chat, whiteboard, and file transfer, four (4) video channels are also made available to add to any meeting. Each appropriately licensed collaboration appliance can host as many as 20 meetings with up to 100 participants spread across all meetings, and allows any meeting to be recorded by the moderator. With this added meeting capacity comes the capability to specialize any voice conference as either a 2 party computer remote support session (uses meeting clients), a webinar (web view-only - moderator uses a meeting client), or interactive session (uses meeting clients). The meeting client may also be used as a remote computer access client. Zultys conferencing and collaboration surpasses "pay as you go services" cost savings, over a shorter than expected payback period, and exhibits economies of scale as more capacity is added.
  • Call Center - Zultys IP-PBX systems offer group call queuing using special ACD, Operator, and Hunt groups. These are built-in to the Zultys IP-PBX for general use. A more capable application is available from Zultys under a special license for performing the fine grained control and monitoring of call queuing in professional call centers, where the application's use of multiple supervisors and comprehensive statistical displays are of high value in a call center environment. This application has won industry awards for its novel design and rich feature set.
  • Call Recording and Records - Zultys IP-PBX systems are capable of two types of call recording - "automatic" and "on-demand". The MX-250 can be configured for either. The MX-30 is capable of "on-demand" call recording only. "Automatic" call recording provides "full time" call recording for all calls to a user or group enabled to record calls. "On-demand" call recording requires explicit selection of a call for recording. Call recordings are normally managed through the UC client interface once the user or group is configured for control and access to call recording. In addition to recording the actual audio in a call, Zultys IP-PBX systems also collect call records in SMDR and CDR format. Both SMDR and CDR can be submitted over IP to an externally specified log (SMDR) or database (CDR) server. CDR is maintained in the IP-PBX internal database for access by maintenance interfaces or the Zultys built-in reporting feature (no license required), where 38 fixed-format, pre-defined reports are made available to administrative users. Call records do not gather call audio, but instead gather statistics such as the trunk and channel ID of the call, the start and end time, time length, and information about the parties in a call.
  • Reporting and Archiving - In addition to the free pre-defined reports provided in the Zultys built-in CDR report generator, Zultys offers a custom report development feature that is enabled through a special "per-site" license. This feature can be used to develop custom reports to examine CDR information from each licensed site in either the IP-PBX resident database or an external CDR database. Normally, a Zultys IP-PBX caches chat, call recording, CDR, email, FAX, and Call Attached Data (CAD) data locally within IP-PBX system storage. With special licensing, it is possible to archive this IP-PBX cached data, from one or more IP-PBX sites, to an external database server. In addition to allowing Zultys reporting features to be run externally to the IP-PBX system, this architecture makes it possible to develop custom applications to manage, view, and report on this data using the external archival database.

Connectmatic has focused its VoIP practice on the Zultys IP-PBX platform solution because of Zultys' commitment to move these platforms and its other telecommunications products forward, not only with the "State-of-the-Art", but also with attention to reliability, simplicity, flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness.

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